What do we do with your support ?

In 2012 the Ligue Braille helped 13,364 people with visual impairments in becoming more self-reliant or regaining the independence they may have lost. Accordingly, they were able to tap into the information and services free of charge, thanks to the invaluable support of the Ligue Braille's 104 members of staff and 383 volunteers.

Our services cover three key areas. Here are a few figures for 2012:

Everyday life

  • In 2012, 903 people who became visually impaired enlisted our aid for the first time
  • Our social workers were involved in 3,855 individual interviews, 45,615 contacts by telephone and correspondence.
  • 918 people qualified for back-up aid
  • 1,515 people visited the BrailleTech Exhibition

Education and Employment

  • 109 blind or partially sighted students benefited from educational assistance
  • 56 trainees began vocational training courses
  • 67.9 % of the trainees kept or found a job after their training
  • 246 scholarships were awarded by the Ligue Braille


  • Social and cultural activities: 4,911 attendances over the 369 social and cultural activities organised.
  • Games Lending Library: 321 adapted games available.
  • Documentation Centre: 7,188 documents dealing with vision-related themes are available.
  • The Library:
    • 4,882 Braille, tactile or multimedia books; 3,706 large-print books; 11,148 titles available in Daisy CD or MP3 formats.
    • 24,246 direct lendings in 2012.
    • 60 Braille books, or 259 volumes; 39 large-print books, or 80 volumes and 371 books on Daisy CD were produced for the Library in 2012.