Finding your way, finding training, finding a job

Blind and partially sighted people often wonder about their life circumstances, the career opportunities open to them and what the future holds in store. Specialist psychologists are available at the Consultation and Guidance Centre to help answer these questions in the light of each person's abilities and limitations.

A young partially sighted person in conversation with a Ligue Braille member of staff.

People attending courses may avail themselves of the Educational Support Service, where they can count on receiving the best possible assistance: coping with course notes, educational support, etc.

Young partially sighted person working on his specially adapted computer.

The Vocation Training Centre provides specially adapted training leading to a qualification for the visually impaired in order to help them acquire and hold onto a job: office technology, languages, telemarketing, telephony, reception, etc. This highly individualised training is designed to help people realise their career plans.

A blind person taking notes on a Braille note-taker.

The Vocational Orientation Service helps blind and partially sighted people in their quest to acquire and hold onto a job. The staff their let employers know about the opportunities for recruiting these people and the value-adding opportunities they can offer a company.