Technical aids

The huge range of technical aids available to make life easier for blind and partially sighted people includes simple items you often see in everyday life, while others are much more intricate and require special training. All of them are adapted to the relevant visual impairment.

The Braille League's shop, the BrailleShop, has small technical and mobility aids for blind and partially sighted people, such as white canes, speaking kitchen scales, adapted telephones and mobile phones, colour detectors, speaking alarm clocks, tactile watches and Braille typewriters, The shop boasts a total of 500 carefully selected items that can be compared and tried out on site before being taken away.

A partially sighted person writing by hand with the help of a guide.

A huge number of blind and partially sighted people use computers for private, educational or professional purposes. Depending on the disability, a computer may be fitted with a magnification application, a voice synthesiser or a Braille display. A magnification video system or voice scanner is used to enlarge letters, newspapers or a photo, or to read documents out loud.

The Technical Adaptation Information Service offers pointers, advice and user instructions for anybody keen on trying out these assistance tools. The Service can also be relied upon to make a claim for a financial contribution from the relevant disability support agencies.

The annual BrailleTech Exhibition, attended by all the Belgian suppliers, is a unique opportunity to discover, try out and compare the existing materials and innovations.

An elderly person trying out a video magnification system during the BrailleTech Exhibition.