Reading, playing and relaxing

Lapping up the latest trendy novel, taking part in a board game and visiting a museum are obviously daunting activities for the visually impaired.

Overcoming these difficulties and acting as a cultural gateway is one of the tasks of the Braille League, which has a Library well-stocked with books recorded on CD, transcribed into Braille or in a large print format. A Games Lending Library is available for young and less young blind and partially sighted people with games specially designed with their disability in mind.

A person sitting on a bench using a Daisy player to listen to an audio book.

Creative, cultural and recreational activities are organised throughout the country.

Blind and partially sighted people attend the Braille Clubs once a month to participate in modelling, basket-making, bead crafts, board games… cultural activities (theatre, talks, concerts…) and trips offer other opportunities for broadening horizons and meeting new people.

Two children feeding a goat during Braille Day 2012.